MTM: Wet Clutch Screening

Research using the MTM has been carried out using an MTM Clutch disc, the specimen consists of a friction material coated steel disc, which is designed for the accurate screening of lubricants in a wet clutch type contact.

The MTM Clutch Screening Method was used; this test configuration, which has been successfully used at Imperial College London, UK (1) and Powertrib, Oxford UK (2), utilises the pin-on-disc mode in the MTM, to provide a pure sliding contact at pressures similar to that of a wet clutch. This can be used for the accurate screening of additives and in-depth investigation of the wet clutch friction behaviour.

The figure below exhibits a set of results obtained with this test configuration. The friction against sliding speed characteristics of a friction modifier (FM), a dispersant (Disp) and a detergent (Det) are shown.


Table 1: Possible MTM Wet Clutch Test Specifications


(1) Tribology Transactions, 54: 145-153, 2011



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