The New MTM-EC

We’re pleased to announce the development of our new MTM-EC instrument – an easily customisable system, used to study the effect of electrical potential on tribological phenomena within a ball-on-disc contact. With an integrated power supply and oscilloscope control which allows the controlled application of an AC or DC voltage across the tribological contact, the MTM-EC builds upon the already impressive versatility of the standard MTM.   

Available as either an upgrade to existing MTM systems, or as an entirely new system, the MTM-EC is an essential Instrument for those in growing fields such as electric vehicles.  

CEO Steven Horder offered, ‘We are pleased to release the new MTM-EC building on the highly successful MTM system.  The MTM-EC will be a critical tool for our customers to understand the effects of electric potential in EV systems’.  

PCS has a 30-year track record of developing scientific instruments for use in tribology – the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion.   

Our instruments have been sold in more than 100 countries – and are used as standard in parts of the lubricants industry to measure friction and improve energy efficiency.  

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