PCS Instruments visit to Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park: Industrial Cadets 2023-2024

On the 12th October 2023, a team from PCS Instruments visited the Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park for an introductory visit for the 2023-2024 Industrial Cadet scheme. This is the fifth time PCS Instruments has supported the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) Industrial Cadets program, and our third working with Francis Holland!

What is Industrial Cadets?

Industrial Cadets is an industry-driven program whose primary goal is to create educational and career pathways for young people in the UK, particularly in STEM fields, serving as a mark of quality for both schools and students interested in valuable STEM opportunities.

Participants in Industrial Cadets engage in a structured program that includes project work, site visits, presentations, hands-on tasks, and workshops. They also receive recognition for their experiences and accomplishments, ultimately earning the title of “Industrial Cadets”.

Students are given valuable insights into the working world, where they can develop essential employability skills and establish connections with industry professionals and partners.

Each year, participant schools are given a project to work on with the support of their sponsor company. Last year’s team helped us to build a working display version of our MTM instrument, for which they won project of the year for their region!

Our Visit

This was our first time attending one of our EDT partner schools as a team, and as we arrived we got to meet the group of seven intrepid scientists and their teacher who we’d be partnered with, who all seemed eager to learn what they’d be working on.

During an introductory Zoom call with EDT we played against the other teams in games including anagram guessing, and a game of a multiple-choice quiz called Kahoot – which our own Rory McAllister won! The students also learned more about the Industrial Cadets, and what they could expect to gain from the programme.

Once the fun and games were over, PCS Team members Rory, Eleanor and Nida got up to present the team with their project. This year, the team from Francis Holland will be building a rig that demonstrates how the film thickness measurement technology used in our EHD instrument works!

Supporting EDT has a special place in our hearts at PCS, as all three members have been involved in EDT schemes in their own lives, with Nida’s year in industry with us being organised by the EDT YINI (year in industry) scheme.

That’s why we’ve consistently supported STEM sponsorship and mentoring schemes throughout our company history: to make sure that the scientists, engineers and mathematicians of tomorrow are well prepared for the road ahead.

To find out more about EDT and Industrial Cadets, follow this link to their website!

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