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Efficacy of Lead Naphthenate for Wear Protection in High Vacuum Space Mechanisms

The purpose of this research is to investigate the efficacy of lead naphthenate as a wear additive in a multialkylated cyclopentane (MAC) fluid for use in high vacuum space mechanism applications. The use of lead naphthenate in MAC lubricants has a spaceflight history of over thirty years. However, despite the history of use for this additive in a variety of rolling and sliding applications, little is known or understood about the tribochemical process by which these additives function…
The results of this work will help the design engineer understand how materials, including lubricants, play a critical role in the performance and life of space mechanisms in demanding high vacuum environments. A greater understanding of the relationship between lead content and tribological performance will be developed along with further understanding of the tribochemical degradation process. Data gathered from wear testing and application simulation work will provide mechanism design engineers with a better understanding of the tribological performance of this lubricant additive.