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Evaluation of the Efficiency of Functional Additives to Winter Diesel Fuels of Various Hydrocarbon Group Compositions

This paper reviews the structural and group compositions of three winter base diesel fuels and their influence on the low-temperature and lubricating properties of the fuels. It is shown that a high content of saturated hydrocarbons, primarily medium-molecular-mass n-alkanes, and arenes with a higher proportion of substitution worsens the low-temperature properties. A decrease in the proportion of medium-molecular-mass alkanes and even a slight increase in the content of bi- and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons degrades the lubricating properties of the fuel. The influence of the component composition of the diesel fuels on the effectiveness of anti-wear and depressor-dispersing additives was noted. A study of the compatibility of additives of different functionalities revealed that an anti-wear additive based on tallow-oil fatty acids did not affect the activity of a depressant-dispersing additive while the combined use of these additives slightly worsened the lubricating properties but did not shift this indicator beyond the established standards.