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Low Viscosity Lubricating Oils With Improved Oxidative Stability And Traction Performance

Provided is lubricating oil composition including from 10 to 90 wt % of a base stock comprising a C28-C32 hydrocarbon fraction (“dimers”) and optionally a C42-C48 hydrocarbon fraction (“trimers”) produced by oligomerization of a linear C14 mono-olefin, a linear C16 mono-olefin, or a mixture thereof, in the presence of a Lewis acid catalyst, and the remainder of the composition including one or more lubricating oil additives. The lubricating oil composition provides an oxidative stability of greater than 100 hours (time to 200% KV@40 deg. C. increase) and a mini traction machine (MTM) average traction coefficient at 100 deg. C. of less than 0.0081.