Category: MTM

Method for Lubricating Surfaces

A method of lubricating the contact between a first surface coated with a hydrogenous carbon film or coating of type a-C:H, ta-C:H, a-C:H:Me or a-C:H:X, as classified by VDI Standard VDI 2840 and a second ferrous, preferably steel surface. The method comprises supplying to said contact a lubricating oil composition comprising a major amount of an oil of lubricating viscosity and (a) an oil-soluble or oil dispersible molybdenum compound in an amount such as to provide between 150 and 1000 ppm by weight of molybdenum to the lubricating oil composition, and (b) between 0.1 and 5% by weight with respect to the weight of the lubricating oil composition of a polymeric organic friction modifier, the organic friction modifier being the reaction product of (i) a functionalised polyolefin, (ii) a polyether, (iii) a polyol and (iv) a monocarboxylic acid chain terminating group.