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Modification to the Lubrication Properties of Xanthan Gum Fluid Gels as a Result of Sunflower Oil and Triglyceride Stabilised Water in Oil Emulsion Addition

A range of xanthan gum fluid gels and fluid gel emulsion mixtures have been constructed and their lubrication behaviour compared to high oleic sunflower oil. In addition, the lubrication properties have been measured after the addition of oil to the fluid gel, along with the effect of dispersing 10% (wt/wt) of a stabilised and un-stabilised oil continuous emulsion into the fluid gel postproduction. This study has highlighted a method of producing xanthan gum fluid gels as well as a fat mimetic formulation based on a xanthan gum fluid gel/oil formulation, which has lubrication properties equivalent to that of standard sunflower oil during soft tribology experiments. The final formulation was shown to have similar initial lubrication behaviour as sunflower oil with a 93% oil reduction.