60 Seconds in the Spotlight: Dr Anwesha Sarkar, Associate Professor in Food Colloids and Processing, School of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Leeds

60 Seconds in the Spotlight: Dr Anwesha Sarkar, Associate Professor in Food Colloids and Processing, School of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Leeds

  Dr Sarkar has very kindly offered to do the first in our 60 seconds in the spotlight series, here is what she had to say:   Hi Dr Sarkar thanks for agreeing to do our first 60 seconds spotlight interviews, how long have you been researching food tribology and what areas are you focusing […]

Improving life expectancy of our railways

  With China, India and UK having some of the busiest rail networks in the world, maximising the life expectancy of the trains and track and reducing downtime is extremely important. Early failure of any component can be very costly and cause major disruptions to commuters. At Clapham Junction, the UK’s busiest station, at peak […]


Scuffing Research Proposal Overview Scuffing can occur in high speed/high load contacts, where the breakdown of both EHL and boundary film leads to metal-metal welding between the surfaces, causing high friction, noise, vibration and wear.  The standard testing methods currently used to evaluate the scuffing performance of lubricants are unable to distinguish between the lubricants […]

Ultra Shear Viscometer

Lubricant formulators have long been aware of the shortcomings of existing high shear viscometers. Whilst the state of the art in high shear rate viscometry has remained around the 1,000,000 reciprocal second mark for many years, developments in engine and lubricant technology mean that in-service conditions are more like 10,000,000 reciprocal seconds. Extending the measuring range of existing viscometers is […]

Towards Improving Fuel Economy through Tribology Testing

Fuel Economy 1970-2016   Increasing at an average of 5% annually, most passenger cars must achieve 39 mpg, and light trucks 30 mpg, by 2016   Passenger Car Growth Statistics Global passenger car sales rose by 7.2% to 66.6 million vehicles in 2012 All regions grew except Western Europe Double-digit growth rates in North America and […]

Wind Turbine Issues

The Statistics     Wind Turbine Components Gearbox Wind Turbine gearbox generally employs three stages of gear enhancements providing appropriate speed ratio between the low and high-speed shafts. Designed to handle highly varying loads from the low-speed driveshaft due to the transient nature of wind. Braking loads when the overspeed brake is engaged, as the […]

PCS Service Contracts

Following feedback from our customers and extensive market research PCS are pleased to announce we are now offering annual service contracts on all our instruments. Service Contract Benefits at a glance   This service contract will give you the piece of mind that your instruments are running correctly and the results being produced are both accurate […]

Micro and Macro Pitting

Definitions: Macropitting: A surface fatigue phenomenon that causes large pits to form on the surfaces in contact. These result from surface or subsurface initiated cracks propagating into large scale pits. Macropitting tends to occur in more heavily loaded contacts than micropitting. Micropitting: A surface fatigue phenomenon resulting in microscopic pits forming on the surfaces in […]

Biotribology is Everywhere

Biotribology is one of the most exciting areas of tribology research and one which affects every aspect of our every day life from skin blisters to artificial joints and contact lenses. In many cases interaction with our environment is governed by tribology and in particular our response to perceived friction. The use of touch to […]

HFRR available hardware and software options. What is the most suitable option for you?

HFRR: the basic system is supplied with a control unit. This is pre-set to perform ASTM D6079 and ISO 12156-1 test methods. Results are displayed on the in-built window. Wear scar is measured manually using a metallurgical microscope and calibrated  micrometer stage (HFRRMIC) HFRRPC : Software enables user to perform standard tests (ASTM&ISO) through PC […]