Abstract for Biotribology Conference May 2014

Dr Marc Ingram gave 2 presentations at the 2nd International BioTribology conference in Toronto in May.

Session: Industrial Challenges in Biotribology.  Wednesday 14th May 11:00 to 12:40

“BioTribology Testing Techniques”

Biotribology I. Tuesday 8:30 – 9 am

An Investigation into Skin Cream Tribology

  1. Ingram, PCS Instruments, London, United Kingdom, C. Myant, Tribology Section, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

There is a large variety of skin creams produced by the cosmetic industry. The sensory performance of the cream during application must satisfy the user, otherwise it might not be used despite its biological benefits. Cosmetic companies employ human panel testing to develop their creams. This involves trained panelists as well as regular consumers who evaluate their products’ performance. This method of development is costly, time-consuming and contains subjective data. In this article we show how a tribology test method can be used to study the fundamental lubricating properties of the creams and differentiate between them. This data and the technique will be useful by skin cream formulators as it will provide an easy method of quantifying the lubricating properties of the creams, which in turn can be linked to the perceptions described in panel testing.