Asiatrib, Agra 2014

PCS Instruments exhibited and presented at ASIATRIB-2014 in Agra (home of the World famous Taj Mahal), India in Febraury 2014.  This was the latest in the series of International Tribology Conferences being organised once in every four years by one of the National Tribology Societies from Asia-Pacific countries.

This international tribology event, ASIATRIB-2014, fifth in its series, was organised by Tribology Society of India during 17-20 February, 2014 at Agra, India.

PCS Instruments held an exhibition and their International Sales and Marketing Manager, Dr Rich Baker presented a paper titled:

Towards Improving Fuel Economy through Tribology Testing‘ – the extended abstract is presented in another blog.

Rich also chaired a session during the conference, and managed to see the sunrise at The Taj Mahal, before returning to the hotel in time for breakfast before the exhibition resumed.