Client Story

Anant Kolekar

Chief Scientist & Tribologist


Valvoline Global Operations




To discover the rheological and tribological properties of fluids

‘I first engaged with the PCS machines when I joined the Imperial College London’s Tribology group. During my PhD, I used the MTM, EHD, MPR, HFRR and USV. Each of these machines are unique and very informative and contributed significantly to my research work. The main aim was to get rheological and tribological properties of fluids. These properties were very important inputs for my modeling work during my PhD where I wanted to differentiate and rank fluids based on ingredients.’


The use of PCS machines to help develop innovative products

‘When I joined Valvoline, I continued to use PCS instruments that helped me develop innovative products. We use these instruments for commercial, research and racing products in our technical group.’


Competitive, high performing products

‘We use test data from our PCS machines to develop high-performance cost-effective products. I prefer PCS machines for my Tribological work. I really appreciate the exceptional customer service that we receive from PCS on instruments, specimens, and maintenance. We now started working on EV specific products from PCS: EHD-HS and MTM-EC.’

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