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Pourya Parsaeian

Senior Technologist and Project Manager






To create a testing environment that allows nanoscale/macroscale quantification and characterisation of tribo-active surfaces.

‘During my collaborative Ph.D. project involving the University of Leeds, SKF in the Netherlands, Afton, and Heuzer in the UK, our primary focus was to investigate the impact of oil contaminants, specifically free and dissolved water, on the interaction of oil additives provided by Afton with bearing surfaces from SKF, particularly in wind turbine applications. This study involved nanoscale/ macroscale quantification and characterisation of tribo-reactive surfaces. The project addressed various enquiries from Afton’s customers (pertaining to oil and additive packages), SKF (concerning bearing life), and Heuzer (related to DLC coatings for engine applications).’


Working with partners to modify PCS MTM/SLIM rig to overcome several challenges within the project

‘In the course of my Ph.D. and postdoctoral work, I collaborated closely with our partners to devise and create two specialised rigs, which proved instrumental in overcoming several challenges within the project:

The introduction of the Humidity Control System innovation marked the integration of humidity control for the first time with the MTM/SLIM rig. It allowed us to explore the tribological interactions of relative humidity and water with lubricant additives and rubbing surfaces.

Furthermore, during my tenure at the University of Leeds as both a postdoctoral research fellow and a Marie Curie research fellow, I undertook the direct supervision of three Ph.D. students and several M.Sc. candidates. Additionally, I spent nearly two years as a visiting research fellow at SKF’s research center in the Netherlands, primarily focusing on the development and design of a humidity-controlled system to be integrated with the MTM and MPR equipment and to investigate the impact of oil contamination on the performance of specific additives and their interaction with surfaces. Subsequently, my journey with PCS rigs continued, this time at Croda. Before joining bp, I held the role of Lead Applications Scientist at Croda, where my responsibilities included supporting new product development in the energy industry and engaging in discussions with customers and OEMs. Additionally, I took on the role of technical leader in the development of new additives and lubricants for automotive, marine, and wind applications. I was actively involved in expanding customer relationships and introducing Croda’s additives and lubricants to OEMs. Currently, I serve as a Senior Technologist in New Product Science (NPS) at bp. In this capacity, I provide technical insights and project leadership for future product needs and sustainable solutions in mobility and manufacturing. This contribution informs future product design and creates new business opportunities for bp entities, including Castrol and Future Mobility & Solutions (FM&S).

My role contributes to strategic understanding, deep expertise, and the development of initial product and service concepts to support Castrol and bp’s lower carbon and sustainability strategies, particularly in areas such as hydrogen and ammonia. The primary purpose of my role is to define and execute projects within the New Product Science portfolio, aiming to provide fundamental understanding, embryonic product concepts, and intellectual property in support of Castrol and bp. Key stakeholders in this endeavor include the product development teams of Advanced Lubricant Products (ALP) and Advanced Fuels Products (AFP), as well as the broader Applied Sciences (AS) community and project managers within the Castrol and bp organizations. In my current role, we employ various rigs from PCS to monitor and assess the performance of different fluids.’


Continued use of PCS machines to support ongoing research.

‘I am committed to maintaining my use of PCS instruments in my work. In fact, I am pleased to mention that I have established a strong and productive relationship with PCS CEO, Steve, over the course of several initial meetings, both at our own facilities and in the offices of PCS. This robust connection bodes well for our ongoing collaboration with PCS, as it has always been a source of productivity and value in my professional endeavors. I look forward to continuing this positive partnership and utilizing PCS instruments to further enhance our work together.

PCS has been an invaluable partner in my journey, playing a pivotal role in my career progression and contributing significantly to where I stand professionally today. It ranks among my favorite companies, leaving a lasting impression that I frequently reflect upon. I have shared these sentiments with both Clive and Steve, and I vividly remember expressing them during my initial meeting with Clive. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Clive for his visionary leadership in founding such an exceptional company. Their support and the collaborative environment have been instrumental in my success.’

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