Client Story

Dr. Peter Lee

Institute Engineer & Chief Tribologist


Southwest Research Institute




Specific data needs

‘When I was working on my PhD at the University of Leeds, I was studying the effect of lubricant degradation using oils sampled from the sump and top piston ring of an operating engine. We didn’t have an MTM in Leeds at the time, so I travelled down to London and stayed there while I used one at Imperial College in order to run the testing.’


PCS made previously impossible testing possible

‘I was able to use the MTM to run the samples in order to understand how the stribeck curve changed. The 40hr sump oil showed significantly higher traction results than the lubricants sampled from the top ring zone.  The longer the degraded lubricants ran, the closer the traction coefficient values became.’


Continued use of PCS machines to support ongoing research

‘I have since continued to use PCS instruments during the length of my career as a tribologist. We have various rigs from various manufacturers in our labs at Southwest Research Institute including two MTMs, a HFRR and hope to soon be placing an order for an MPR and an EHD-HS.’

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