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The advantages of the new HFRR2 Temperature Control Unit


Reducing the sulphur content of diesel fuels is an ongoing, but necessary challenge to ensure that today’s diesel fuels meet with the ever-increasing requirements associated with improving the environment.

All diesel fuel injection equipment has some reliance on diesel fuel as a lubricant. Wear due to excessive friction resulting in shortened life of engine components, such as diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors, has sometimes been ascribed to lack of lubricity in the fuel.

To help test the lubricity of the fuel, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) released ISO 12156, which uses the PCS HFRR2 instrument to measure the lubricity of a candidate diesel fuel.  This standard has recently been revised and now includes tighter control on ambient humidity and temperature while the lubricity test is run.

In order to comply with the changes brought about by this latest ISO 12156 test method the HFRR2 Temperature Control Unit (TCU) has been designed to ensure that the HFRR humidity cabinets  can meet these tighter test parameters, even when working in extreme laboratory conditions.

What is the TCU?

The TCU accessory is easily attached to a PCS HFRR humidity cabinet*, allowing users to better regulate the cabinet’s internal temperature to meet the tighter limits set by the revised ISO 12165 standard. The required conditions are set using the simple control panel at the front of the TCU.

Controlling temperature with the TCU
In terms of its operation, PCS Instruments’ new TCU can bring down the temperature in the humidity cabinet to within the revised ISO 12156 limits within 20 minutes, even when the temperature within the laboratory is as high as 30 degrees Celsius.

A big advantage of the TCU is that it is able to keep the temperature in the cabinet stable for long periods of time, once the initial test has been completed. This means a significant reduction in the set-up times needed when carrying out multiple successive tests.

If you would like more information on the HFRR2 Temperature Control Unit, please contact one of our experts, your local distributor, or visit: here.

*The TCU attaches simply to PCS humidity cabinets purchased since July 2018.  Earlier cabinets will need some modification – please see your local distributor for further information.