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The EHD-HS: An Innovation in Lubricant Testing


PCS Instruments are proud to introduce the new EHD-HS: a high speed (up to 20 m/s), fully automated, benchtop instrument for measuring lubricant film thickness down to 1nm in the elastohydrodynamic (EHD) lubricating regime.

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The EHD-HS is capable of replicating the high speeds and nano-scale lubricant films found in applications such as electric vehicle drivetrains. It represents the forefront of EHL and additive testing.

The EHD-HS is not only useful for those studying electric vehicles. Other applications include:
– Low viscosity fluid film formation at high speeds.
– Gas turbine gearbox and bearing lubrication investigations.
– Spindle bearing lubrication investigations.
– Film forming properties of novel custom lubricants.
– Development of new lubricant additives for high-speed applications.

The EHD-HS is also fully compatible with the innovative PCS Instruments SLIM (now with higher sensitivity cameras), meaning it can capture high fidelity images of the contact even when the instrument is running at 20 m/s.

Other features and benefits of this new instrument include:
– The ability to achieve any slide/roll ratio during testing, enabling a host of possible real-world applications and conditions to be accurately replicated.
– A compact and ergonomic design, which means the EHD-HS takes up less lab space whilst boosting your testing capabilities.
– Only small sample volumes required (just 120 ml), minimising wastage and cutting running costs.
– Intuitive software, and simple testing procedures that make training on, and using the instrument quick and easy.

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