The EHD-HS: An Innovation in Lubricant Testing

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PCS Instruments are proud to introduce the new EHD-HS: a high speed (up to 20 m/s), fully automated, benchtop instrument …

Ice Testing on the MTM


Although the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing finished over the weekend and the athletes have headed for home, at PCS …

DLC Coatings


Diamond and graphite are two well know allotropes (forms) of carbon, however, their properties are very different. Diamond is essentially …

International Women in Engineering Day, Part 4: An interview with Madeleine Partridge and a look back in time


For our final instalment in our Women in Engineering series, we have another four historical female engineers and a final …

International Women in Engineering Day, Part 3: An interview with Rachel Januszewski and a look back in time

Categories: MTM EHD

Following on from last weeks post, we have picked four more women from history to explore and see what amazing …

International Women in Engineering Day, Part 2: An interview with Jennifer Vail and a look back in time


This is the first year we are celebrating Women in Engineering Day, so we decided to take a dive into …

Happy International Women in Engineering Day!


Today marks the 8th year of International Women In Engineering Day (INWED). A day dedicated to appreciating and celebrating the contributions that female engineers make. It is a chance to put the focus on these women who are …

STLE Conference Review


We are now a week on from another incredibly successful STLE annual meeting and it is time to reflect on …

STLE is nearly here!

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STLE 2021 is now just 3 days away, and we wanted to share our excitement with you! Jump to Quickfire …

ICOBT and WOM joint conference review

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Last week we attended and sponsored the first virtual conference for the ICoBT and WoM conferences, and here’s what happened.

The Science Behind Olympic Curling


As the 2022 Winter Olympics rumble on in Beijing, here at PCS Instruments we thought we would focus on a …

STLE Tribology and Lubrication for E-Mobility Conference


As the world starts to open up again for international travel, this means that in-person conferences are making a comeback! …

Summer of STEM


As schools start finishing up for the summer term, we look at some of the activities and events available during …