We are PCS Instruments

PCS Instruments design and manufacture laboratory instruments for testing fuels and lubricants. To date we have supplied over 1,000 systems to more than 90 countries.

We have a worldwide client base of users performing to ISO, ASTM and CEC test procedures as well as specialised research in the field of tribology.

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Industries our products serve



PCS fuels equipment includes ASTM standards for both diesel fuel (D6079) and jet fuel (D5001).


Oil and Additives

Test equipment to investigate the frictional properties and film thickness of base oils and additives.



Investigation of lubricants and greases to decrease wear and improve fuel economy.



Helping develop aerospace lubricants and fuels for tomorrow’s engines and gearboxes.


Wind Turbine

Solutions to bearings and gear box failures in Wind Turbines have been studied recently.


Personal Care Tribology

Investigation into the tribological properties of personal care products.



The study of Tongue-palate interaction, ‘mouth-feel’ and food texture are being researched in the field of Food Tribology.



Prosthetic implants, synovial joint tribology and dental tribology are currently being researched in the Medical World using PCS equipment.

Latest news from PCS


STLE 2015- Excellent Turnout

This year PCS were very impressed at how well coordinated STLE was and the wide range of interesting people we had the opportunity to interact with. Getting involved with the educational courses, social events and listening to many interesting talks alongside soaking up the sites of Dallas were just some of the events we took part in during […]

OilDoc 2015 Success

This year’s OilDoc was a great success for PCS. We met many new contacts and caught up with existing ones. Croda did a very engaging in-depth presentation on results they had achieved using the MTM2 and Dr Rich Baker from PCS gave  a captivating presentation on improving fuel economy through Tribology Testing. If you would […]